we are paint paper cloth

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My grandmother was part of a very active quilting circle all of her life. This group of ladies gathered monthly to drink copious amounts of coffee and cut polyester fabric into squares and rectangles that would later find their way into big chunky quilts that she gifted to her grandchildren.

In our digital age, this kind of community is rare. We are too busy to read the book club book or we have moved to a new city recently and only know a few people. We don’t have the time or a compelling enough event to plan a party.

Paint Paper Cloth was founded upon the principle that we can bring people together in our homes or favorite haunts to make simple, beautiful things. We provide you with a compelling reason to gather your friends—kits to facilitate group activity—and advice on how to make planning your event easy and fun. 

My hope is that the communities you build are still gathering together in 20 years to live, laugh and make together.